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Your Ally Journey Starts Here!

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One day at a time...

Work through daily prompts, stories, videos, quotes, and a very honest discussion on some of the harder topics to discuss regarding race and the Black community.

Before you start...

Accountability is everything, so you'll want to set aside a journal JUST for this journey, grab a friend who you can do this with, and have an open mind as you read through some depressing, triggering, and raw information.

Mantras make the master...

I love mantras, and I get a lot of mine through quotes! So I have a few of my favorite civil rights quotes sprinkled throughout and they're timeless reminders of how far we still have to go.

Love what you're doing and I thank you for your leadership! I spoke to Gabby [Bernstein] and we talked about you. Excited to connect, and thanks for all your great work!

IG: @brendonburchard

Glo, your thoughtfulness, leadership, kindness, joy, vulnerability, bravery, all of it is demonstrating that love and empathy can be stronger than hate. Humanity thanks you. Humanity needs you!

IG: @melkurkjian

Today the COO at my company allowed me time at our department meeting to speak on someone who has helped with my anti-racism work, so I spoke about you and your ally guide. The way that you're opening your heart and soul to teach (although it is not owed in any form) is beautiful and inspiring and makes me hungry to do more. Thank you for offering a guiding hand while pushing for self-education."

IG: @cjbraun