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Your Ally Journey Starts Here!

I'm ready!

One day at a time...

Work through daily prompts, stories, videos, quotes, and a very honest discussion on some of the harder topics to discuss regarding race and the Black community.

Before you start...

Accountability is everything, so you'll want to set aside a journal JUST for this journey, grab a friend who you can do this with, and have an open mind as you read through some depressing, triggering, and raw information.

Mantras make the master...

I love mantras, and I get a lot of mine through quotes! So I have a few of my favorite civil rights quotes sprinkled throughout and they're timeless reminders of how far we still have to go.

I talked with my white family members tonight for 4 hours and I just want to say THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU. You're allowing me to have hard, honest conversations with my white family that we will use to grow as we strive to be allies.

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This is so informative and detailed, and really helps start conversations with the much needed depth that's missing right now. Thank you!

IG: @prags1018

Thank you for this! It's so helpful and I deeply appreciate you! I grew up in Oregon with very little exposure to Black people and I'm carrying around a lot of ignorance and shame regarding myself. I need to heal that in myself. Thank you for this!

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